Solo show on Telemarket TV

Telemarket TV show a new cycle of abstract paintings of Siro Cugusi .Telemarket is the first international TV specialized in selling works of art. It is one of the 7 Italian networks which broadcast all over the country. It also broadcasts all over Europe through Hot bird satellite system.

TELEMARKET was created in 1982 based on an idea of Giorgio Corbelli, who wanted to create a means of communication able to promote art outside traditional galleries and museums. The aim was actually to bring art closer to people as well as to allow non experts to enjoy art without going to museums. Art is in fact an essential means of improvement for everyone. Telemarket is the first international TV specialized in selling works of art. It broadcasts all over Europe through Hot Bird satellite system. The presenters, who are very well known experts, introduce and describe works of art. In this way, people have access from home to contemporary art, antique paintings, furniture, carpets, silverware, jewels, antique furniture, chinaware and watches.

However, this daily programme is only a part of a more complex activity. The works of art on sale are chosen by our expert buyers and collectors all over the world.

After a work of art has been purchased the experts carry out a detailed research in order to attribute it to the right artist and period. After that the work is cleaned, restored and so on.

Each work of art is kept in appropriate conditions (from air-conditioned warehouses to caveaux) and is taken care of by expert craftsmen and restorers; it is then sold during the most suitable programmes.


This essential work is then followed by TV broadcasting.
All programmes are recorded in the three studios situated in main office in Brescia. Our sellers work in shifts, 365 days a year.
All our works of art are chosen by a committee of experts, and is responsible for the certificates of authenticity.
Thanks to its transparency, politeness, quality, defence of clients' rights and the opportunity to pay by up to 48 instalments, Telemarket was able to satisfy over 200,000 clients, with 1,000 new clients every month and an average of 50,000 works of art sold every year.
As far as turnover, amount of sold items and number of clients are concerned, Telemarket is ranked first in TV sale programmes as well as in the art market.

Network TV:

* Digitale Terrestre
Telemarket e Telemarket 2 sono visibili in digitale terrestre sui canali 124 e 125

* Satellite
- Per i possessori di decoder SKY, sul canale 861 per Telemarket e sul canale 866 per Telemarket 2.

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